After a few days of waiting, which seemed to pass so slowely, they seemed like weeks, my new keyboard finally arrived. It is a dasKeyboard Ultimate, with utterly blank keylabels. Many of my colleagues where impressed by this, but even more so by the price. Having to explain to my colleagues just why I chose to spend 130 pounds on a keyboard, I came to realise that I had actually bought the keyboard without exactly knowing why. Sure, I do have a habbit of buying new keyboards every other month or so, but never this expensive. So instead, I said, give me a couple of days, and I'll tell you why. A couple days later, I definitely knew why I had bought it.

First of all, unlike other keyboards that come with blank keys, this one actually has a slightly raised surface on the two home keys, and on the 5 key on the keypad. Now I can touch-type withouth those, but I find it takes longer to have to reposition your fingers by going all the way to the edge of the keyboard, then sliding over the left shift just to get back to the start position. No, having these reliefs on the home keys helps immensely.

The other thing I do like a lot is the black look. Anybody that has seen a white keyboard go yellow/brown-ish from sigarette smoke, and white keys go blackish from unwashed hands can agree. White should be outlawed on keyboards; black is the way to go.

Now the clicking sounds. I do not know if I will still like the clicking noises in a month's time, or a year's time, but for now, I enjoy the sounds and just hearing them makes me want to type faster and faster. Having full n-key roll-over also means that many more of my keystrokes are correctly interpreted. Other keyboards have difficulties keeping up sometimes.

That's all I can think of at the moment, I will, of course, be posting more about dasKeyboard after a month or so.

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